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23 April 2014

I'm having a bit of a thing for Bumble and Bumble at the moment. Whilst I haven't tried much (just the Thickening Hairspray and Deeep masque at the moment), I absolutely love everything I've tried and they're both a large part of my haircare routine. I'm always looking for ways to help with how dry and frizzy my natural hair is, so tried out the Quenching range to see if that could be of any help.

20 April 2014

Jurlique and I's relationship is relatively new, until recently I've only tried the Calendula Redness Rescue Moisturiser which I loooooved, so gladly added a cleanser and moisturiser from the Purely Bright range to my skincare routine. Both are designed to brighten and even skintone, which with redness and blemish scarring, I'm really in desperate need of. 

18 April 2014

I'm a big fan of orange; being a pale girl I always thought it suits me, and especially with make-up it really brightens my complexion and gives it a bit of colour! This became especially obvious to me on my latest shopping spree where I ended up leaving with all orange items.

16 April 2014

There's a few products that I use so often that really, they're just a given, and I end up never really giving them a proper review on the blog. There's quite a few products I regularly use that I love, and I know I'll be buying them for years to come.

15 April 2014

Until recently my only experience with Liz Earle has been their skincare, and their wonderful make-up range completely passed me by. Summer says to me nothing but peaches and corals, so I gladly added a couple more items to my already pretty extensive collection, a cream blush and a beautiful lipstick, both perfect for the warmer months.