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16 April 2014

There's a few products that I use so often that really, they're just a given, and I end up never really giving them a proper review on the blog. There's quite a few products I regularly use that I love, and I know I'll be buying them for years to come.

15 April 2014

Until recently my only experience with Liz Earle has been their skincare, and their wonderful make-up range completely passed me by. Summer says to me nothing but peaches and corals, so I gladly added a couple more items to my already pretty extensive collection, a cream blush and a beautiful lipstick, both perfect for the warmer months.

13 April 2014

There was a time when I'd hop into bed still with make-up on, or if I could be bothered I'd get it all off quickly with a face wipe; fast forward a few years and my night-time skincare routine fills me with possibly more joy than it probably should, and it's really down to a couple of products that are making all the difference to my skin.

12 April 2014

It happens to be the best of us, we nip into Boots with the intention of picking up just one or two things and end up with a basket full. I wasn't quite so bad this time, I still ended up leaving with a slightly lighter purse last week but I picked up what I consider to be some Spring essentials. That's the story I'm stickin' to, anyway!

11 April 2014

I love a good multi-use product; if I can use it for more than one thing, it definitely spurs me on to buy it. It's probably the thrifty side of me, almost like I'm getting my moneys worth if I can use something as a few different things. There's quite a few on the market, from cheek and lip tints, to skincare, or oils, and here's some of my favourites..