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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Just throwing it out there, my legs are a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g but perfect, especially in summer, after being stuck in opaque tights for the past six months. But there are a few products I've discovered that do make them look slightly better, and with the help of a little tan I've actually braved a few short skirts this year!

First up is D'Fluff from Lush, which I actually only purchased last week after seeing on a few blogs. It's a shaving soap ( am I terrible in that I used to just use a conditioner or normal body wash? ) with a lovely sweet, strawberry scent, and is packed with ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut oil and rosehip oil which leave the skin feeling really nourished and soft. You can use this pretty much anywhere to shave, I'm even going to see if Kane fancies giving it a go on his stubble, although I can imagine his reaction.

A good exfoliation once in a while is essential for keeping legs looking in tip top condition. Note, don't do this immediately before or after shaving, or your legs will be looking far from perfect and you'll probably be in a bit of pain too. My go-to scrub for quite some months now has been Soap & Glory's Pulp Friction, which has a gorgeous citrus-y scent, perfect for this time of year. I love how it foams up nicely too which makes it not too abrasive and I feel I can use this all over the body without any sort of irritation.

Usually after hopping out of the bath or shower, I'd throw on the Caudalie Divine Oil. This is a gorgeous body oil which leaves my skin feeling beautiful, so hydrated, and it leaves a bit of a glow too which is lovely on top of a tan. But it's been neglected recently as Laura Mercier Creme Brulee body cream has taken the top spot of moisturisers. I've always been a bit lazy with these sorts of things after a shower, but this little pot actually makes me excited to moisturise. I even find myself having a little sniff when I go past the bathroom. It moisturises really well and leaves the gorgeous, caramel scent lingering for hours afterwards. I can't get enough of it!

Do you have any favourite summer leg products?

Monday, 28 July 2014

It was around the start of last month that these little beauties started appearing on beauty blogs, and pretty much since I first clapped eyes on them, I longed for one. Fast forward to a little trip to the Trafford Centre a few weeks later, and one of the YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush colours is finally mine. The shade 05 Rouge Effrontee wasn't spotted on too many blogs, not personally by myself anyway, but the shade stood out to me as I'd get the most wear out of it and be able to wear on both my cheeks and lips easily.

Described as 'air-whipped', they have a beautiful velvet, creamy formula that leaves a beautiful semi-matte finish on the lips when dry, with a tiny hint of sheen. They don't feel heavy on the lips at all, it glides on with the help of a doe-foot applicator that seem to distribute the perfect amount every time. My only bug bear about the formula would be that it does seem to take a while to dry properly, which can result in some transfer if eating or drinking. But that said, they fade really evenly, and even a light sweep of colour looks just as beautiful as a full coverage pop.

On the cheeks, they are just as lovely. I use my fingers to dab a tiny amount on the apples of my cheeks and use a buffing brush to blend it all in. This particular shade may look a bit too much for the cheeks, but when applied lightly it looks really pretty, and fades throughout the day to leave a coral shade. And the packaging, we can't forget that. These are the sorts of products you'd never put away, taking pride of place on the dressing table. I love the little gold hardware and shape, even though my boyfriend did originally think I'd spent £27 on a nail polish.

At that price, they certainly aren't the cheapest of things, but if you're after a little splurge, these are where you need to be looking. The shade range is really fantastic, and I've got my eye on Fuschia Desinvolte and Corail Affranchi next! Rouge Effrontee hasn't left my handbag yet.

Have you tried any of these?

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Friday, 25 July 2014

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I feel as though this wishlist is almost verging on the travelling theme, but sadly I don’t have any more trips planned this summer, apart from perhaps a little business buying trip to Wales. I’ve had my eye on this dress from Topshop for quite a while, I just love how simple it is and I can stick to wearing black in summer as it looks loose and floaty. I’ve had my eye on a Fjallraven Kanken bag since seeing one on Sophie’s blog, and despite not even feeling like I could pull off a rucksack in school there’s something about it that’s had me close to clicking ‘buy now’ so many times! I have ridiculous amounts of sunglasses, but if I were to ever make an investment it’d definitely be the Rayban Clubmaster style, I just absolutely love them and can’t resist anything tortoiseshell.

I’ve got my eye on a new purse too, and the simplistic style of this ASOS one is really shouting out to me. And can we talk for a minute about the new Bobbi Brown Surf and Sand Collection? Oh my goodness, it is all just so beautiful. The Sand palette is just so beautiful, they’re all really wearable shades and colours I find myself going for a lot so I’d love to find this in my dressing table.

Are you wishing after anything at the moment?

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

I thought from now on my 'Current Loves' post will include some lifestyle bits, because lets face it, I'm pretty sure I talk enough beauty on this blog. I have absolutely no issue with saying that gardening is now one of my favourite hobbies, and I find myself in B&Q and garden centres far too often spending money on flowers and plants. Both my front and back garden are both now pretty full to the brim, but they both put endless smiles on my face every day.

Inside I've been really loving my new desk space which has allowed me to work a lot quicker and feel a lot more motivated now I have an area of the house dedicated to my business and blogging. I'm also in love with my little window seat, which is really loving on a sunny day as you get all the sun through but get a nice breeze from the windows above too. I've been reading #Girlboss there, which I'm on the last chapter of and will probably be mosting a review of soon. It's given me a good kick up the bum when it comes to motivation!

I haven't been buying a great deal of beauty stuff recently, and I'm finding myself thinking quality over quantity. I haven't been into Boots in a couple months now, and whilst I do still use more drugstore items, if I fancy a treat, I'm heading to Selfridges or Space NK instead. I'm absolutely in love with the Laura Mercier Creme Brulee body cream, and I haven't stopped wearing the YSL Kiss and Blush in Rouge Effrontee since getting it a couple weeks ago.

What are some of your current favourite things?

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