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I've always been a shoe girl. Always. But recently, more than likely due to the absolutely horrendous weather we've been graced with, I'm finding myself looking over to bags more. When it's raining, y'see, I generally try and wear the comfiest and durable footwear I can find which won't leave my feet and socks soggy, but a bag can generally withstand any weather, and you need a nice one to detract from the terrible footwear.

 David Jones BARBELINE Gold
David Jones bag via Spartoo.

I'm seriously diggin' orange at the moment. I've got myself a pair of orange tights and I'm after an orange cardigan. Obviously if I bought this I wouldn't wear them all at once, then I'd look cray cray. But I just think this with a simple cream lace dress and minimal accessories would be gorgeous. I like how it has two straps if you feel like giving your arm a rest, and it has plenty of room inside which is handy for carrying all the notebooks and work things I need to take to my Mum's. Plus, it's only £32.99 which is quite reasonable!

 MySuelly LOLA Taupe / Coral
My Suelly bag via Spartoo.

This bag is really only for lusting over. Mainly 'cause at £111.60 it's a liiiiiittle out of my price range. But I've really been dreaming of bright coloured little bags like these for when I just need to make a quick dash into town and all I need are my cards, phone and a lipstick. I love the beige and coral colour combination, and the metal looks like it's rose gold, which makes it even more swoonworthy if it is!

Pieces bag via Spartoo.

This one is slightly less exciting than the others, but nice for everyday use. Again, I like the two handles and the size of it, plus it's only £18.60! So it's great for practicality and if you just want a simple bag that will go with everything. Remember Spartoo do free shipping too, so this really is a bargain!

What do you think of my choices? Are you a shoes or a bag girl? XO.


  1. ooh u have a great taste in bags x

  2. loving all of them!


  3. oh i am shoes and bag girl :) lol
    love those bags!


  4. love the grey bag, such a bargain!xo

  5. Love that grey bag!
    I am both a bag and shoe girl. When it's raining, I just throw my Converses on, but I still have a lot of shoes! x
    Sirens and Bells

  6. The David Jones bag is gorgeous. I am most certainly a bag lady! ;) xo

  7. The grey bag is so nice! I love it. x

  8. Lovely picks, especially the second one!

  9. The fact it's so simple is exactly why I like the grey one best!

  10. The 'My Suelly' bag is ace - I am a bit if both a think but I would be less inclined to resist a pair of shoes I think...

  11. I'm a shoes AND a bags girl. I just couldn't pick one over the other. Love those bags :) x


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