60s inspired shoes

Ballerinas Fornarina CLAIRE Red
Court-shoes Fornarina DOROTHY
I am oh-my-dear-lord-sweet-jesus-christ-flippin'-eck-i'm-having-palpitations IN LOVE with those red shoes! It seems I just have a little something for red shoes in general, but these are just too perfect! The small thick heel, bright red colour, patent material and cute little circular detail on the front mean these sixties inspired flats are right up my street. The black ones too, both by "Fornarina". Whyyyy oh why do they both have to be £106?! Life's just so unfair sometimes! I want them both. In my house. On my feet. Pronto.

Court-shoes Studio Paloma 18074
These are also little beauties. The square detail on the front gives them the sixties look I'm after, but the heel is just slightly too thin for my liking. They are slightly more affordable at just under £80 made by "Studio Paloma", but still probably something I'll be just lusting after. Waaaaaaaaail.

Court-shoes Betty London NIZOU Black
These are by one of my most favourite shoe brands, "Betty London". I like the thick heel, the cheaper price tag, the t-bar detail.. I just wish they were patent! They are sixties style but just missing a bit of something to finish off the look.. But I guess not everyone wants to look like they belong on Carnaby street!

What do you think of sixties shoes? Do you like my picks? XO.


  1. Gorgeous selection of shoes! The t-bar shoes at the end are stunning xx

  2. I'm in love with the t-bar shoes! :)

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  3. I've dreamed of owning a pair of t-bar shoes for so many years now! Lovely picks xxx

  4. love the last pair of sixties flats most...


  5. I'm having a major moment with 60s inspired shoes! I love the heel and for some reason, I just cannot get enough of them!


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