Christmas present dilemnas - sorted!

I don't know about you, but for me, it's the same every year. Whether it's a Brother or a close friend, girls seem to always be involved in helping others buy Christmas presents. Most of my friends are pretty good with it, and have a good idea of what they'd like to buy their girlfriends/Sister/Mum but always enjoy getting a second opinion of someone who knows them well or knows their style. Cue one of friends last year dragging me into the cold from home searching for presents exclaiming "I know she wants summat called Hand Food.. What is Hand Food?! What sort of name is Hand Food?!" We got there in the end, though. This year it's different; us girls can rest easy with the creation of Ask Her Friends!

The website is a simple process. Answer a few simple questions ("Who is it you're buying for?", "How does she dress?", "What is she likely to be doing on a Saturday night?", etc - most answers you can select more than one option for if she doesn't quite fit the bill on one specific answer), then it pops up with some selections of things she may like. If you know flat out she wouldn't like particular items, you can delete them and another will come up. After filling her advice list, you can then email or facebook the items to her friends to get their advice. It's seriously as simple as that! I gave it a go, and here's the items it came up with for me, with a couple items tweaked! 

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

These were the majority of what originally came up for me. Some underwear also popped up, and little bits like a Sex and The City boxset, which I would love if I didn't already have it! After seeing the choices it made, I can see how this is such a good service as my boyfriend would literally have no idea at all about any of these products or brands or won't have even heard of any of them. If you really don't think any of the products that come up would suit whoever you're buying for, you can just browse through the website looking at all sorts of different sections. Girls, we can rejoice at no longer being dragged out of our warm homes into the cold to look for presents anymore, Ask Her Friends is on hand! What do you think of the service? Do you think you'd suggest it to your friends?


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  1. I came across ask her friends a couple of weeks ago, and I'm hooked! I'm amazed at how well it fits gift ideas to the person :)

    louisejoyb x

  2. Wow this looks like so much fun and really helpful!!


  3. These are excellent xmas gift ideas! I know my friends would love the nail polishes!

    Sarah x

  4. Lovely gift ideas! I want to buy everything ha!

    I have a blog giveaway running at the moment, feel free & enter for your chance to win a Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick! x

    ..F A S H E R N A B L Y - L A T E..

  5. Such a lovely gify guide!! I love the Mavala colours - I have some of their polishes and they're great x


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