Sleek contour kit in 'Light' review

Sleek Contour kit in Light, £5.99 from Superdrug.

I'm a relative newcomer to contouring. I bought a cheap kit off Avon when I used to be an Avon rep, but it wasn't the best of qualities and it smashed when I dropped it around two weeks in! When Superdrug brought out the 3 for 2 offer across their make up lines (currently still on!), aside from a couple MUA palettes, I knew I had to get my hand on this. I think it's converted me to making the effort to contour everyday.

This actually comes in a nice box with a little instruction booklet in case you were a little unsure of where to put the highlight or contour colour, but I've lost them because I'm a genius. The packaging is very standard for 'Sleek', it's the same as the blushers which I also love, and I have no fault with the packaging at all. I think the mirror is good quality and a good size for being able to see what you're doing and making sure you're not going overboard on either of the products!

The kit comes in three different shades; light, medium and dark. I obviously got light (paley4lyf), and it suits my skin tone perfectly. I love that the contour is matte, as I'm sure the previous one I had from Avon had a shimmer to it which I wasn't keen on. Both the products are really pigmented but can be buildable if you so wish. The bronzer in particularly really impressed me as it has no orange tones, and the highlighter leaves subtle shimmer anywhere you put it, which I'm loving over the Winter months when my skin is duller than usual.

Overall, I'm once again impressed by Sleek. For the price I think it's a fantastic product, which I think is the same for the blushers too, which I also love. I'm really keen to try some more of their products. Have you tried this? What Sleek products would you recommend to me?


  1. this has been something i have wanted for quite awhile, i have seen it on a good few blogs too! i'd be in the shade light too, got to love being pale! xo

  2. This looks like SUCH a lovely contour/highlight kit!! Guhhhh I wish we had Sleek products here in the states :(


  3. I went to track this down the other week, but they'd sold out of the light one - sob! It looks perfect though, I love the shimmer in the highlighter. :) xx

  4. I've been eyeing this for a while now but can never seen to find the medium shade. :( Thanks so much for this review, it was really helpful! xx

  5. I keep looking for this in superdrug but they only ever have the dark shade :(

  6. This looks really good, I can't wait to get it and try it out!
    I also wanted to let you know that I mentioned you in my last post about 'blog crushes' - hope that is okay :)

  7. I actually haven't tried anything from Sleek, as it's not available where I am, but I've been feeling tempted by their blushes of late and now this little gem too. I love that it has a huge mirror, as normally I find compact mirrors so small that they are essentially pointless!
    Mel x

  8. Sounds like a great product at a reasonable price! Excellent review, I love how detailed and thorough it is! You have a lovely blog, the layout is unique, fun and bright! <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  9. This sounds great! I really want to try the 'Blush by Three' kit that they do as it looks fab :-)


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