Thrifty finds

I picked up this top after finding it on the first stall I looked at at the Vintage Village Stockport fair yesterday. White lace cropped tops like this and just very "me", so for £8 I didn't think I could leave it behind! It's fully lined and has a gorgeous scalloped detail at the bottom of the top and the sleeves, I can't wait to wear it with a nice pencil skirt.

I'm getting a teeensy bit obsessed with brooches at the moment, particularly cute ones like this, so my Mum let me pinch this off our big brooch cushion we have for the stall for free!

Yes, I do already have a yellow formica table, and now I have two! When we spotted this in a charity shop last week for just £20 we couldn't leave it behind. I had wanted a new desk for my office as I couldn't even get my legs under my old one it was so small, and it was all stained and not pretty too, so this has taken it's place! My Mum has let me have it as an early Christmas present too :)

I think crochet mats may appear in my thrifty finds until the end of time! I am seriously obsessed with them, and I'm constantly picking them up. My Mum got these from what might be the cheapest charity shop on the planet so they will have cost pennies!

There were a few packs of Christmas cards in a charity shop last week that someone had obviously made for them, and seeming they cost just £1.50 for a pack of six, I thought I'd get some! The black and gold is my favourite, but I love some of the cute animal ones too! 

What do you think of my finds? Have you picked up anything great in the charity shops or car boots recently?


  1. such a pretty top and brooch! i never find such nice things! x

  2. What amazing finds! I love the top and brooch - so pretty. Also I think the table is fantastic :)

  3. How funny, I bought an almost identical blouse from last week's jumble sale! x

  4. that top is amazing, so pretty and delicate - just perfect


  5. Very pretty lace blouse, and I love the Formica tale! xxx

  6. The lace pattern on that top is gorgeous!!


  7. The lace top is pure confection!
    Love formica, but I never have luck finding a nice colour!X

  8. Love the cropped top!!
    S xx

  9. You have inspired me to go and trawl some charity shops, haven't been in ages now! Some great finds, love the lace top.
    Mel x

  10. The white lace crop top is beautiful! I can't wait to see how you wear it xx

  11. That cropped top is adorable! I love your workspace and your pink John Lewis sewing machine - I could do with another one - is it any good? I've heard mixed things about their own brand machines.

  12. I love your new desk space!

  13. What great finds! I love the top :) x

  14. I love that table, it's so retro and makes the perfect desk for your office xxx


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