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Every time the seasons change, there are new fashion trends to take note of. This is of course largely due to the shifting temperatures and atmospheres of different seasons, but it is also dictated by fashion designers and collections in all kinds of stores. Whether you're glancing through your favourite style magazine, browsing fashion blogs, or looking through clothing at Marks and Spencer, you will likely find a great deal of information regarding which types of clothing are in this season. But sometimes it helps to go a step further. For example, instead of simply knowing that dresses will be popular in the coming season, consider which types of dresses, and which accessories you might use to compliment them. Here are a few specific examples regarding these considerations.
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Geometric Print Dresses
If you're looking through dresses to update your wardrobe and simply can't pick a specific style, try to keep your eye out for dresses with geometric print designs. Styles and cuts of dresses only change so much from season to season, but the actual look and creative design of a dress can set it apart as a stylish choice.

Knee-Length Dresses
Regarding the style of the actual dress, it does seem worth noting that knee-length dresses are particularly fashionable for the coming winter. Occasionally, longer dresses are more popular, but this season dresses are staying relatively short. This can allow you to show off your form a bit more than many other winter clothing options.

Leather Dresses
Finally, leather dresses also seem to be particularly popular in collections for the coming winter. Leather in general is very prominent in 2012 winter fashion collections, and the trend certainly seems to be extending to dresses. A cool colour such as black, purple, blue, or dark brown leather, would be particularly recommended.

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Block Heels
Block heels are some of the most popular accessory trends for the coming season, and can be great to wear with your winter dresses. This is one of the most stylish looks you will see for the winter season, so it is a good idea to pick up a few pairs of block heels with different designs.

This is more of a natural adjustment than a fashion trend, but you will see it featured prominently in the coming months regardless. In most regions of the world the weather will be fairly cold in the coming months, so it stands to reason that leggings will pair well with your winter dresses. This keeps you warm and stylish all at once!

Until recently, Marks and Spencers wouldn't have been a shop I'd have thought twice about going in, but I think they've really been bringing out more selections for younger audiences as well as catering to people like my Mum! Personally, I'm a little bit obsessed with their bags! Do you shop there? What do you think of the M&S Winter collections?


*This guest post was brought to you by Marks and Spencer.


  1. love the little leopard bag :)

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new xmas giveaway to win lots of presents from lush and more! click here :)

  2. I quite like m&s - I make a point of going there in the sales and get bits that I've had my eye on earlier in the season - you can get some fab bargains! XO

  3. The first dress and the last bag are GORGEOUS!!! I've honestly never even heard of Marks & Spencer :o


  4. No, I don't shop at M&S but I do think those dresses are quite cute, so is the leopard print bag, and thank heavens for some heels that aren't sky-scrapingly high! xx

  5. Gah, everything looks amazing! I popped in the other day and found myself wanting everything! Usually, I just follow Mum around with bored look on my face!
    Catherine x

  6. I've been pleasantly surprised with M&S's Autograph and Limited Edition collections over the last few years, and it's kind of handy as when I go shopping with my Mum I can shoo her into the Per Una section : )


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