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Nicked a couple of my Mum's records, wearing 01 kate moss lipstick, theo is the laziest cat ever ever ever, had a bubblebeard bath, used rub rub rub as a shampoo for the first time, finished wrapping all my presents, i love all my baubles, a christmas table, yummmmmyyyyyy, my view from the sofa, a little decoration scene, and watching elf!

I've not been well (again!) this week so sorry for the lack of posting and pictures today. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas if I don't see you all tomorrow! xo


  1. Your Christmas decorations are so cute! I wish I had a record player so I could steal my parents' records.

  2. I love your little decoration scene it's so cute! I'm so glad Christmas is here, have a truly magical Christmas time xxx

  3. Ooh, very festive!
    I hope you feel better for the big day,

    Rosie x

  4. You poor thing, get better soon!! And yummmm that Ben & Jerry's... so tempting to go out and get me some! :)



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