November favourites

There haven't been many products this month which have become a holy grail for me, so this month's favourites are really just some I find myself reaching for over and over again throughout the year. 

BIODERMA SEBUM H20 FOR OILY SKIN: This has replaced my cleansing water by No7, and it's perfect for the cold, long days where I really don't have the energy to use my hot cloth cleanser. I do find that I still have to use another eye make up remover if I'm wearing a gel eyeliner, but I still love how effortless this is and how fresh my face feels afterwards.

RIMMEL MOISTURE RENEW LIPSTICK IN 'LILY EXTASE': I haven't worn this lipstick since last year, for some reason I always find myself reaching for it around the Winter months. It's a gorgeous fuschia pink and it's so moisturizing and soft on the lips, which is perfect for the days when they feel a bit dry.

BARRY M POLISH IN YELLOW TOPAZ GLITTER: I've raved enough about this. The perfect gold glitter for Christmas time.

COLLECTION LASTING PERFECTION CONCEALER: Everybody knows about this. It is the holy grail of drugstore concealers. Whilst I do still like to use my Rimmel Wake me up one underneath my eyes, this works so well on blemishes. I'm finally onto my second tube after the first one lasted me months.

NATURAL COLLECTION BLUSH IN PINK CLOUD: I love this shade on my pale skin, and I think it really gives me a natural flush instead of being obvious, and leaves my skin looking glowing. It's a great formula for just £1.99 and I'm hoping to add more to my collection soon!

ORIGINS SUPER SPOT REMOVER: Another product I've reviewed on my blog recently, but something I couldn't be without anymore. Reduces redness in a matter of hours and gets rid of blemishes in one or two days. Definitely a holy grail product for me, and it will be my favourite for many months to come!

What are your favourite beauty products of November?


  1. Bioderma is a fav of mine too, I'm asking my mum to bring me back some from France :p x

  2. I think I really need some glitter nail varnish....
    But then again, natural collection is a fab brand for blusher/bronzer! How can you go wrong @ £1.99?!

  3. I love natural collection blushers, there is lovely one called 'Rosy Glow'. I still need to try the super spot remover! xx

  4. I'm obsessed with bioderma, it's so amazing!

    Also I'm desperate to try the Origins spot remover, hopefully I'll get my hands on some soon!

    Ava Tallulah

  5. I'm definitely going to try Origins spot remover!!!

  6. I've got my November favorites up on YouTube if you want to check them out :) But you've got some lovely favorites here Catherine!! I've wanted to try that concealer since the beginning of time it feels like... someday when I visit the UK, I hope!!


  7. Lovely post, and lovely products!
    I also love the yellow glitter barry m nail polish! Makes me feel christmassey! :)

    F x


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