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Do you remember way back when I did a mini feature showing you how to achieve a vintage look through the high street if you weren't like me and had loads of time to search through vintage and charity shops? Well, after a quick point in the direction of a new feature on their website by the lovely people of Monsoon, I can now show you how to achieve a 1920s look without searching high and low for the real deal. Obviously as era's get older, it comes more and more difficult to find original clothing. Even after all my searching, I have only ever found two feather headbands. The 1920s have really grown in popularity, style wise, over the recent years and now you can buy pieces that look straight from the decade in your local high street.

'Stories' is a new feature on the Monsoon website which shows the thought process behind key pieces on the Monsoon website. There are three stories up at the moment, all based around the 1920s theme. You can see what went into creating the perfect flapper dress, the art deco trophy jackets, and even 20s glamour dresses for children. It also shows some catwalk inspiration, gives some style tips on how to wear the pieces. and also shows it's inspiration from the re-make of the Great Gatsby.

I personally love the clothing of the 1920s, and I think Monsoon have really got it spot on. You can choose from loads of dresses, I think it's so good that they've really got children involved in the trend too, and there is a great selection to pick from. I think all the trophy jackets are beautiful, and really affordable too. All the pieces are so wearable, you can really accessorize and team them with what you'd like, but they can easily be used in a true 1920s outfit if paired with some faux fur, pearls, and a glitzy headband. They definitely didn't have the idea of taking off one bit of jewellery before leaving the house in the 20s! What do you think of the trend? Do you like the 1920s fashion?


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  1. Love Love Love 1920's fashion. All these pieces are beautiful my fav being the righthand smock style dress.

  2. omg is that a still from the new 'The Great Gatsby'?? I cannot wait to see it!!!


  3. Some truly lovely dresses here. For more collection of 1950’s dresses visit


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