Vintage romance at Matches

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I was recently contacted by the people over at Matches about a new little edit on their website, called 'Vintage Romance'. I toddled over (virtually, of course) and swooned so much you wouldn't believe! The edit is filled with vintage inspired sunglasses, jewellery and accessories. I'm obviously a huge lover of sunglasses, my striped 50s cat eyes being my favourites, so I loved seeing these and I couldn't resist showing them to you. I'm a huge Mad Men fan and I just think the accessories are the sorts of things they would wear on set, retro and luxurious. The items above were some of my favourites, but there were a lot of amazing pieces that I couldn't include as they were sold out and the page doesn't take you to them, so go and have a look for yourself!

Matches isn't a shop that I shop at, because I wouldn't be able to afford anything, but it was actually nice to just look through all the clothes of the different designers to purely appreciate how beautiful everything was. When looking through the dresses I noticed how many actually look vintage inspired, so I thought I'd show you them too, so you can appreciate their beauty like I did! Hopefully you can get which eras are for which dresses. I am seriously in love with the little polka dot shift dress with the sweet bow around the waist! If anyone would be kind enough to donate £498, it would be greatly appreciated! What do you think of these dresses and accessories? Are you a fan of Matches fashion?

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  1. I can see why you would swoon... look at those amazing dresses *__*


  2. I love those cat eye glasses and the first dress! Why, oh why isn't there a money tree in my garden! :)
    Catherine xx

  3. wow amazing stuff! i cant wait for the Mad Men area & fashion to come back so big!!

    BTW you need to legally declare articles that you get paid to do -- just thought I point it out so you don't get into trouble xx

    Miss drifted Snow White

  4. Girl, your blog is amazing.. I'm totally in love with it, just discovered and already become an addiction! would you like following each other? Let me know <3

  5. Oooh that yellow floral print dress is GORGEOUS! So 1920s, LOVE!!!!

  6. So many gorgeous dresses here! So many to swoon over xxx

  7. Wow, I love that clutch! Damn my bank balance. xx


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