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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Told you I'd be back with more Look Beauty products! I saw this on quite a few blogs and bought it on my quest to find the perfect pinky, reddy, plum colour. Even I don't know exactly what I'm looking for, only that I'll know when I see it!

As you can probably see, this is quite a red toned plummy colour. It actually looks more red in the picture than it is in real life, but not too far off. It isn't the most moisturizing lipstick I've ever used in my life, but it is pretty pigmented and gives a nice full coverage after a couple of swipes. It feels light on my lips and lasts for a good few hours before needing a touch-up. I've experienced better quality with cheaper lipsticks, so I'm not sure I'd pick this up again unless the offer was on (I got this half price for £3.50). I can't get along with the packaging either. To me, it feels cheap, excessively bulky and the lid constantly falls off in my bag! I use a small bag where everything is packed in, so this is constantly getting knocked and the magnetic lid means it just falls off. So for me, not one of the best of Look Beauty's products and certainly not one of the best on the drugstore market. That said, I am hoping to pick up the shade 'Hyper Melon' whilst the offer is still on, as the colour looks too good to resist! Have you tried any of the Look Beauty lipsticks?

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  1. Great colour, shame the lid is a 'mare for falling off. I love your blouse and cameo brooch! Looking lovely xxx


  2. Lovely colour. Not sure I'd pick it up though if it's £7 orginally and the lid falls off haha, really pretty though! xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  3. Oooo it's such a lovely color on you Catherine!! Such a shame that the lid almost makes it not worth it :(


  4. This looks absolutely beautiful on you! It's so nice with your skintone and the colour of your hair :) I wanted so much in the 50% sale but I'm feeling a bit poor :( boo I have to agree about the packaging, I've always though it looked really unnecessarily bulky x


  5. Such a beautiful colour! x

  6. That's such a pretty colour, it really suits you! Shame about the quality though xo

  7. That color is gorgeous on you!

  8. I have this lipstick! I'm like you though and hate the packaging, the lid is a nightmare! I also find I can only use this when my lips are in good condition, but it's a lovely winter colour and it looks amazing on you! xx


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