Products I've used up #1

My first empties post! So much of this stuff has been waiting around for me to post this for ages, and I just kept forgetting about it! I'm not someone who really goes through that much in a month, so this is just products I've used up, and when I've collected a decent amount of stuff I'll post again!

NO7 BEAUTIFUL SKIN CLEANSING WATER AND PURIFYING SCRUB: I really loved the products from the No7 Beautiful Skin range (reviewed here) but I didn't repurchase either. I moved onto Bioderma from the cleansing water (which I like about equally as much) and Scrub your nose in it from the scrub, but they're something I can always go back to once in a while and I know I'll really like using.

AVON CLEARSKIN IMMEDIATE RESPONSE BLEMISH TREATMENT: The Avon Clearskin spot treatment is something I had for ages before eventually throwing away as I never noticed it ever doing anything other than burning a little bit. I've now got my Origins Super Spot treatment as a replacement which I love, so I'd never go back to this.

SIMPLE EYE MAKE UP REMOVER: I didn't use up the Simple eye make up remover either, I just emptied it away. Simple are meant to be kind to skin, but I have to say this irritated my eyes so much, I'd end up in pain after it. It's a shame as I do like other Simple products, but this definitely wasn't for me.

RADOX NOURISH SHOWER CREAM WITH SHEA BUTTER AND GINGER: I bought this when it was on offer in Boots for £1. The smell is lovely, it's nice and thick and is a nice product when you're after something cheap and cheerful. I wouldn't repurchase as I have loads of shower bits to get through from my birthday and Christmas.

PAUL MITCHELL SUPER SKINNY DAILY SHAMPOO: I was given this in the week my GHDs broke before I could get myself some more straighteners and it really helped keeping my frizzy hair at bay. If I had the money to spend on more expensive shampoo and conditioners, these would be some of the ones I'd pick, I could really see the difference in the sleekness of my hair when I used the shampoo, conditioner and little gel before blow drying.

SOAP & GLORY FLAKE AWAY SCRUB: I got this in a little set for my birthday, and I loved using it. It has the classic S&G scent and does a great job of getting all that dead skin buffed off. I would repurchase eventually but for the meantime I have a huge tub of Sugar Crush to get through!

LEE STAFFORD FLAT IRON PROTECTION SHINE MIST: I've always used a heat protection spray before blow drying my hair, and for some reason I've just always used this one! It lasts for quite a while and seems to do the job so I've never seen any reason to change brand! I've already repurchased another one.

DOVE DAMAGE THERAPY INTENSIVE REPAIR CONDITIONER: I really liked using this little sample tube after I've used a scrub on my hair just to make sure it didn't dry it out. This is so thick and lovely, and left my hair feeling ridiculously soft and smooth. I haven't repurchased but I will be doing!

VO5 MOISTURE SOAK ELIXIR: I don't need to say much about this, it's been featured on my blog quite a few times now! It's a great pre shampoo hair treatment which is nice and cheap and does it's job well.  I should really repurchase but I'm in the mood to try something new so I might give something else a whirl. If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate some!


  1. I love the moisture soak elixir, it works so well! Never read a bad review of it. I really want to try the Scrub Your Nose In It. Would you recommend? xx

  2. I love the flake away scrub! It's a shame about the make up remover, I really wanted to give it a go! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  3. So many empties! WOW! I am working on using my products but it's going so slow... X

  4. i love the no7 beautiful skin range too :)

  5. Flake away smells so nice x

  6. Every time I see you post about that VO5 treatment I'm reminded how much I want to try it!! I'm not sure that I can think of any other cheap/drugstore specifically but I do know that I've tried some hair masks from Tresemme that are really lovely and smell fantastic :)


  7. So many goodies, vo5 hair elixir is something I always repurchase! xx

  8. Great idea for a post! I also find Simple products a let down you know xx

  9. pretty perfect

  10. Oh I need to grab myself some of that VO5 oil, I used some a while ago and really liked the effect it had on my hair. I might give the no7 stuff a try too. I like their products and swear by their mascaras.

  11. Oh and also if you want to give something new a try I suggest macadamia oil. I got some off amazon for around £12 and it was for a 120ml tube which was decent for how long it lasted!

  12. don't you just love S&G scent? It's amazing! Love their products!
    I want to try the Simple lotion, it looks good!

  13. I swear by the lee stafford spray ive used it for years. Great post:)


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