Topshop 'Flush' cream blusher

I picked this up at the same time as my 'Ohh La La' lipstick, and before this I was a cream blush virgin! I had really wanted to try more cream products though, and this seemed like the perfect thing to try it out. Priced at just £6 and in the most adorable polka dot packaging, I couldn't say no.

The colour is a bright pink, and goes onto the cheeks very bright until blended out, when it gives the most natural pink glow. I've been using this with my buffing brush applied after foundation, where I dot it on the apples of my cheeks and then blend outwards. It's also encouraging me to wash my brushes more as I can't apply foundation with a bright pink blush! I expected cream products to be harder to apply, but used with a gentle hand, they're the easiest things. The staying power isn't fantastic and it's usually disappeared around half way through the day. I find that with the majority of blushers though, and this one is small enough to fit easily in my bag for me to dot on with my fingers. It seems to really suit me skintone, and I'm thrilled with my first experience with cream blushers! I'll definitely be trying more from the Topshop range. Have you tried this?

p.s. I know the picture isn't the greatest, my camera definitely didn't want to pick it up! A few of you asked what blusher I was wearing in this photo, it's the same one, I just didn't want to post the same picture twice!


  1. this is probably my favourite blush ever - plus the price is fab, too! :)

  2. I also don't have any cream blushers! I need to top up my game!

  3. oooo i love cream blush... it's a total fail that i've not tried any topshop makeup yet. think i may need to invest xxx

  4. This looks gorgeous! xo

  5. I love your blog so much!

    I have this super great give away going on where you can win a super nice gift voucher!
    Huge hugs

  6. Ohhhh man I wish I could get my hands on Topshop makeup here in Massachusetts :( They have the cutest packaging and seem like great quality products!!


  7. This is so pretty x

  8. great colour!

  9. I find Topshop blushes to be amazing value for money - they have a nice selection, and the packaging is super cute and travel friendly! x

  10. I have heard so many things about the Topshop beauty products!! <3
    This is a lovely post as usual!! <3
    Lots of love from

  11. Ooo this looks really nice! I don't own any cream makeup products, I am so messy :/ xx

  12. This blush looks a lovely colour. I always worry about buying blushers this dark because I am so pale :) xx

  13. I brought this a couple of months a go and I love it, I'll definitely be adding more cream blushers to my collection xx

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